Aoi Tori

Yuki Chii


My tears fall just like rain from the dark and gloomy sky
But I’m not crying because of sadness I feel
Since the separation that had broken both of us
Was the decision I chose to make for us

Like a caged bird I continue wanting to be free
Though I don’t know where my destination will be
Disregarding if I get hurt or I start to bleed
I’ll continue soaring high by flapping my wings persistently

Aoi Tori, i’ll find my happiness
except leaving you behind
I’ll soar so high, flying into the sky
sure of my future ahead
I will never forget what we had
but now it’s time for me to keep looking ahead

Aoi Tori, I will soon get my privilege
With these wings I will use
I’ll soar so high, flying into the sky
towards my distant future
I know as of now without these wings
There would be no reason to continue on