Self Control


I wanna be the very best so
No time to stall, we gotta go!

Aim for your dreams but know they can’t be reached easily
So let’s create a something more special for us two, shall we?
I won’t back down, though others might show me jealousy
What is there to fear? Who is my enemy?
The only thing that could ever hold me back
Is the weak heart I had before I made this pact
(Only thing, I won’t let it)

The only thing (I allow)
To let myself feel right now is SELF CONTROL

I want you to tell me I am the best you’ve seen
And I won’t back down til I have fulfilled my dream
(One more chance time! I wanna be told I’m the best so, Dance now, dance now!)
(One more chance time! I’m not playing around this time, Dance now, dance now!)

Aim for the place with all the light, baby
Know that we’ll shine so bright there, baby
Even if I feel fear or trembling
It won’t take it’s toll

The only thing I know is SELF CONTROL