Renai Saiban- Live!

Lyrics by AngelofYouth



Oh!, No!, No!, No!
I really don’t know what I’ve come to!
Please, consider all the feelings I must confess
Before, you judge me, never forget that I still love you!
You know that I can’t live without you by my side!

Oh! Jesus!
Don’t you look at me with that face!
Cause, I promise, I’ll change in any way you want me to
Just show me, some mercy while I plead my case!
And overlook the wrongs that I have done to you.

Having thought out the perfect crime;
Thinking my alibi would work this time.
It seems you can see through dishonesty
Looks like I cannot swindle you now, NO! NO! NO!

Because of this Love Trial I won’t be set free
How long is the list of charges set in stone
I’ve pleaded for freedom, but still there’s no hope for me
Revenge chose to make it’s conviction
And now I’m Guilty

Oh!, No!, No!, No!
This is the worst thing that could happen!
Are you really, going to end our love affair like this?
If so I, would rather be thrown by your hands
And plummet to my death down in a dark abyss.

Oh! Jesus!
I really don’t know where you got this.
Cause it’s not mine, I swear I’ve never seen that thing before
I guess I, have been caught so I shouldn’t resist
And be locked up inside that nice prison of yours

My flaws have led me to commit this sin,
Why can’t we go back to what has been?
I will not blame you if you want to leave me
I’ll never ask again so can you go, and please just leave me be

Now how can this be perfect, this crime I’m involved in
If we both are feeling the sadness and pain
Our connected hearts are slowly drifting apart
So does this mean that we are fated to break each other’s hearts?

What’s verdict, will I be set free?
Which one of the charges am I guilty for?
This time I’ll devote my whole life by your decree
Spend it by your side, i’ll never let go and that’s for sure

In this love trial, the truth has been set free
And I will believe you with all of my heart
Wipe off those fake tears, so that we can just restart
It’s no secret that all the while, that smile you have on means
We’re both guilty