Moon Pride



Moon Pride! Just look inside to find all the strength that you need!

Despite a stream of tears down my cheeks
My crimson eyes still burn like searing fire
But through the dark, just like a burst of lightning
My heart is calling out for its true love!

Even in the darkness
(Resist the loneliness)
You know you’re never alone
(I’ll never let you go)
Beneath the moonlight!

Ah Ah
Don’t sit around or waste your time in
the hopes that your prince will save you
You have the strength inside to get up and save the day
Stand up to fight and you will find inner strength

Shiny Makeup! Just like the night
sky we can shine light on our fears tonight!
We are not the fragile girls that you knew
We can use our power to save the day

If a wave of sadness consumes me
Anger’s red flame seems to leave me shaken
I remember that brilliant burst of lightning
When I confessed my love is for you!

Even when we’re apart
(I’m never far away)
You know you’re never alone
(I’ll never let you go)
Connected by moonlight

Ah Ah
Girls can have an air of grace
but still be ready for the challenge
Don’t take our gentle ways as a sign of our weaknesses
Never forget that we girls have inner strength

Shiny Makeup! Sparkling so bright!
Just like all the twinkling stars in the night!
Our friendship has connected us with hope
So use it to find the courage you need!

I feel like crying it is so painful holding in passion inside
My heart’s crying out it is so lonely ‘Cause I miss you
All the time

Though my love may be away
Lost forever somewhere in this galaxy
I will love you until the end of time!

Shiny Makeup! Time to take flight!
So go the distance like stars in the night!
Though the evil forces may rule the day
I believe in a future perfect and pure

So now Shiny Makeup! Stand up and fight!
You can find us in the moonlight each night!
A new legend begins right here and now
Here to solve any problems and save the day
La la Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon