Reflecting back on Senior Year- Re: Evan Edinger

This post might be the most roundabout way to do Shaycarl’s “Why I Vlog” tag.

This week, I watched Evan Edinger’s newest vlog. In which, he discussed his history of vlogging, which got me reflecting on my (failed) attempt at weekly vlogging. Evan’s been on Youtube since 2008, which is far, far longer than I have even really been watching YouTube regularly.

One of the comments that he made that I particularly liked was the idea that vlogging is a one on one conversation that you have with the viewer. I like this idea. He said it’s always weird when you try and watch vloggers with your friends because of this, which is something I’ve learned from experience. As much as I love some of my favorite vloggers, I can’t really share that love with them, at least not in person. They have to learn about Taylor, Kristee, or Katherine on their own time.

Evan’s original idea was to review viral videos (Which makes it surprising that I hadn’t heard of him until 2014, given my love of internet reviewers), but eventually wanted to move away from that. I definitely feel that now, as I sit surrounded by sheet music for a new cover, but wanting to just make some kind of sketch video. Also saying that people didn’t care about your life, they’re just there for the reviews of videos. I also feel that, as I get the fewest views on my update videos.

I also appreciated the fact that Evan discussed stopping watching YouTubers. It’s almost kind of a taboo thing in the community, to stop watching people, which makes very little sense, because everyone knows that there’s only 24 hours in the day, and people’s interests change. I used to love Linkara, and while I still follow him on Twitter, I don’t really have the time or energy to watch his videos anymore, plus I’ve kind of lost interest in following bad comics. Plus, as Evan said, you can keep up with everyone on Twitter now.

“Why do you keep vlogging?” When I thought about this question (rather, why do you keep making videos) after I watched this video the first time, I came up with a decent answer. I keep doing it for the fans. I went to Dayton, Ohio a few weeks ago, and there was someone there who was so excited for my panel because they were a fan of mine. Which is crazy, because I’m still sitting under 400 subs, but I know that there are people out there who are big fans of me. They comment regularly on my videos and submit ideas through my suggestion box. Plus it’s kind of fun to watch the view count go up.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts. Go like and subscribe to Evan, and I hope you have a nice day!


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