Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

The feelings that are in our hearts
Keep us from falling apart
We’ll go out there, even though we’re scared
‘Cause we can change our lives forever!

Even though we have such big dreams
Someday we’ll have all the means
To go and reach our goal, let’s go and chase it together!

(Of course we know)
It’s not just fun and games, sometimes we will be tested
(Of course we know)
We won’t back down, you’ll see we won’t be bested
(Come on let’s go)
Working all together can prove just how strong we are
(And I’m sure)
That we’ll go and reach our goals
(We’ll be stars!)

So if we put our faith in what we all believe in, dreams come true
And someday that faith, will help lead, me back to you
If we can trust the things that all our friends believe in too
We’ll let go of fears, as we run, towards the future
We’ll go out and we’ll try, we’ll try to begin every day with a smile
We’ll fly, we’ll fly high and soar, carried on the dreams that we share

And all the lights will shine on us